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Lauren Antoinette Designs

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I started this business as a way to connect back to my creative side. In recent years, I became a rinse and repeat business, with it being harder and harder to get motivated to create new things. I lost my creativity and LADHappies is no longer in my ❤️ . As the world changes. Social media changes. I too, must now change. And in effort to get my creativity back, LADHappies has closed its virtual doors. Instead of focusing on the original business model, I’m going to get my motivation back in the studio and create. Maybe even learn some new skills. 💁‍♀️ Just because LADHappies is no more, doesn’t mean I won’t come back! Just may look a little different than before. I’m ready to embrace the next phase of life and see how it shines through creatively. I can’t thank all of you enough for the support over the years. It was because of you that kept this going so long. All the love to you 💕✨ Until next time, Lauren

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