My Story

Since I was young, I have always had a love and appreciation for jewelry. One of my favorite memories from childhood is dressing up in all of my mother's loud costume jewelry from the 1970s.
When I turned 16, my first job was at the local jewelry store. It was where I truly defined my love for the craft. The women in that shop taught me the basics of beading and a little about life.
When I went off to college, I found the next stop in my journey - at the newly opened local jewelry design studio. The studio helped me hone in on my craft and find my style.
The spirit behind the local shops is something that stuck with me and, when it was time to begin creating my own business, was an aspect that I knew I wanted to keep. I refer to my jewelry pieces as “Little Happies." My mother would randomly give a little thoughtful gift to someone and say, “Oh, she just needed a little happy!" That’s what I envision in my business – a collection of unique little happies.
So, I started Lauren Antoinette Designs to share what makes me happy. 
As I look back on my past, another "happy" comes to mind- music. Whether it be an exciting moment or an upsetting one, I always gravitate towards music to express those feelings. When I didn't know what to say or how to say it, I knew EXACTLY which song did.
That's why you will find some hidden musical inspiration in my products. The songs or lyrics they are inspired by hold a story in my heart.  As I share my happy with you, I hope you will share a little happy with someone you love.
I use only 14k gold-filled or sterling silver materials to ensure the longevity of the timeless pieces. I hand-make to order every piece of jewelry with the simplest tools – my hands and a hammer. By personally molding and hammering the quality wire, each piece is an individual.